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We understand our phones are our main priority. Since we might need them for calls, work,
family, and more. So, we’ll do our best to have you out of our store with your phone looking
brand new. Bring us your cracked phone, broken tablet or damaged computer and we’ll get it
restored quickly, expertly and always affordably.


iPhone & Smartphone Repair

We’re all well trained to fix any problem on your device. We fix problems like cracked screens, broken home buttons, muffled audio, and broken charging ports. We can also fix more difficult issues. For example, broken LCDs, water damage, and breaking. We fix all types of devices like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google Song, HTC, Blackberry, Blu, OnePlus and many more! We can fix your iPhone or any smartphone if it includes water damage, cracked screens, malfunctioning charging port, or any other problem that makes you not get the
satisfaction of your device.R

Front Screen Repair

$39.00 – $449.00

Back Glass Repair

$39.00 – $379.00

Battery Replacement

$39.00 – $149.00

Rear Camera Repair

$39.00 – $229.00

Face Camera

$29.00 – $199.00

Charging Port

$39.00 – $189.00

Other Repairs

$29.00 – $99.00

iPad & Android Tablet repair

iOS/ iPad repair: Do you prefer an iPad especially yours that might have an issue? Well, we can replace yours no matter how old it is, including the iPad Air! We will return your iPad working perfectly fine!
Android Tablet Repair: You will always prefer the better experience of your google news or the high – powered features of a Samsung galaxy tablet. Our technicians can repair any android tablet so you can get your satisfaction you deserve.
Tablet repair: if your tablet has a cracked screen, water damage, broke charging ports, or malfunctioning buttons technicians at ART&FIX are professionally trained and well equipped to fix your device of all makes and models.

Front Screen Repair

$49.00 – $399.00

Battery Replacement

$69.00 – $149.00

Rear Camera Repair

$49.00 – $179.00

Face Camera

$39.00 – $129.00

Charging Port

$49.00 – $139.00

Other Repairs

$39.00 – $99.00

Laptop/Computer repair

The experts here at ART&FIX will work on any brands of laptops and PCs including HP, Dell, Compaq, and many more! Bring your malfunctioning computer today for a free diagnosis and estimate for free 

Front Screen repair

$129.00 – $395.00

Battery replacement

$89.00 – $189.00

Rear Camera repair

$49.00 – $179.00

Face Camera

$59.00 – $129.00

Charging Port

$69.00 – $129.00

Other repairs

$49.00 – $99.00

*** All prices are subject to change without notice; the prices are depending on the type of damage and the extent of the damage to your device, repair expense will vary. For the correct price and free estimate on your device repair services, please contact us.

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